About us

Three good friends, all sharing a passion for model flying. Nick, Xing, and Thomas met flying DLG's as part of the South China Soaring Association. For several years we were mainly flying imported models from Europe as they were nearly the only choices for high performance and high quality gliders. While over the past several years Asia has been able to produce competing gliders, we felt with everything done in house and under our daily supervision we can match or even exceed the performance and quality of European imports. 

During 2014 we spent much time discussing the realities and whether it will be possible to fulfill this vision, and by the end of 2014 we decided it was worth a shot, and took the leap. Nick has been working as a designer with professional marketing training, Xing from the model industry with professional mold making education, and Thomas from a design education working in the RC glider industry. 

We are focussed on making leading edge composite models, continually innovating and redefining what can be done. Join us on this exciting adventure, and we hope to get a chance to fly with you in the future.