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The next step in the F3K evolution, Flare is the first DLG to use leading edge flaps in combination with the standard flaperons, resulting in a flight envelope never before seen on a DLG. Raise the leading edge flaps (LEF) for a clean high-speed airfoil, and lower the LEF and flaperons for a highly undercambered airfoil with turbulation on the top surface for high-lift and high-stability flying.

With the LEF and flaps raised, the wing is in its lowest-drag configuration, perfect for launching and acceleration in flight. Lower it slightly for cruise with incredible L/D and a super flat glide ratio. Lower it further with the maximum camber settings, and you will experience the most stable and easy to fly DLG you have flown... It just does not stall or fumble around even if you are flying too slow or if the air is turbulent! In this setting, you will almost feel like you are flying a high-dihedral Rudder-Elevator model in calm conditions.

The fuselage is designed with a stroke of madness and genius, we'll let you decide what's what! All 5 servos (5th servo is to control the LEF) is glued directly to the bottom of the internal fuselage, with full and easy access for installation and maintenance. The battery slips into the fuselage through a hole on top, and the receiver is installed either inside the fuselage behind the battery, or on the bottom of the inner fuselage behind the servos. Ballast is slipped in through the hole on top of the inner fuselage. Pushrods run directly from the servos to the control horns outside of the internal fuselage, everything is in sight and easy to manipulate, no more assembly headaches! Once the wing is bolted on and pushrods are attached, slip on the revolutionary back cover, and lock down everything by slipping on the nosecone. Every mm is optimised for space, yet everything is out in the open so easy to access when required.

Flare is constructed in of over 20 pieces of precision CNC-milled aluminum moulds, with solid core wings and tails. The wing is made up of the main wing with pre-faced flaperons, moulded in one piece. The LEF are each separately moulded before assembling it to the main wing, allowing each part to be fully enclosed with carbon fibre for maximum strength and stiffness. If you have a mid-air in a contest and damage the leading edge of your wing, you can change out your damaged LEF for a new one on the spot within minutes!

The Flare is a completely new animal in all aspects: design, construction, and flying behaviour. Without a doubt, this will satisfy those who are always looking for the leading edge of DLG technology and innovation.


  • Light layup: CW20 main wings, CW20 LEF. Wing weight ~95-100 grams. AUW ~220 grams. 
  • Standard layup: CW40 main wings, CW40 LEF. Wing weight ~105-110 grams. AUW ~230 grams.
  • Strong layup: A-spread 62gsm main wings, A-spread 62gsm LEF. Wing weight ~120-125 grams. AUW ~245 grams.
  • Total length: 1006 mm
  • Wing area: 19.7 dm^2
  • Wing airfoils: Valkyrie series
  • Wingspan: 1497.4 mm
  • Horizontal tail area: 2.09 dm^2
  • Horizontal airfoils: Valkyrie series
  • Horizontal tail span: 334 mm
  • Vertical tail area: 2.00 dm^2
  • Vertical airfoils: Valkyrie series
  • Vertical tail span: 228 mm

Ballast limitation:

  • Light layup: <30g
  • Standard layup: 30-60g
  • Strong layup: 60-90g